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We see the potential in a connected world based on creating, analyzing, and activating data. The deep technologies required to act on and contextualize this data demands a special skill set - a skill set that doesn’t find itself in most industrial environments. Meanwhile, only 8% of the world’s economy is online and the “Age of Automation” has introduced technologies that will fundamentally change the boundaries of industry verticals. That’s why WATTx is focused on shaping this next generation of industries - and connecting traditional companies with new business opportunities.

The opportunity for a hybrid economy

The market of new, deep technologies is pushing the industrial landscape into a new era. And its compound annual growth is big: there is a 20% expected increase to $14 trillion by 2025. These technologies are enabling companies to create comprehensive solutions that improve internal processes and serve their clients biggest needs.

However, improving efficiency and increasing automation of existing infrastructures will only sustain today’s industries for a finite period of time. Deep technologies like the IoT, artificial intelligence and decentralized networks are creating new, rapidly growing and evolving industries that will outpace those of today. This reality requires stakeholders to straddle both present and future: improve on their core offering and at the same time invest in the rapid growth outside it.

The new frontier, then, is a hybrid model that combines incumbent infrastructure and expertise with new technologies and business models.

Our approach to deep tech

WATTx is a specialized, cross-functional team, built to create hybrid solutions for the Age of Automation. We are a team of 25+ specialists from all over the world. We are a team committed to constantly growing our technical know-how in hardware, software, and data science.

At our core is a user-centric approach to ideation and new business creation – in which we continuously validate problems and improve ideas to ensure product-market fit. Once a solution is validated, we apply our technical capabilities in a rapid prototyping process.


We build ventures and validate product ideas in-house, entirely from scratch. By offering rapid prototyping opportunities, a breadth of new skill sets (e.g. user experience design and research, data science), and a focus on creating new ecosystems, we’re looking to help industrial companies’ define their innovation journey.

We know each company, industry, and technology will be different. That’s why we bring older companies into our world and familiarize them with new methodologies around user research and design and flexible venture development. The solutions we create with companies are validated with users and the market - taking the guesswork out of determining how customers are changing.



Conduct deep research, with interviews and observations, to uncover a company’s or industry’s problematics - and ultimately its opportunity areas.


Informed by the discovery process, we organize targeted ideation sessions to generate ideas for novel solutions, which we rigorously evaluate and prioritize.


After validating our targeted solution, we quickly build prototypes that we put in front of users, to quickly vet and iterate on the product.


Whether it be launching a new company or integrating a new business model into your existing company structure, we’re committed to the long term success of our work.

Our core competencies

UX Research
UX Design
IoT Engineering
Data Science
Venture Development

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We’re always up for brainstorming around new project ideas. If you want to work with WATTx, partner, or just generally get in touch, send us an email.

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