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Looking Ahead

We are a company builder based in Berlin. Our focus is on the industrial- and consumer- internet of things (IoT). We use IoT and related technologies to tackle today's toughest problems. We rigorously evaluate the many ideas we generate to turn only the most promising ones into companies of the future.

Innovation is a team game

At WATTx we are 20+ data scientists, computer engineers, UX professionals and business developers from all over the world. We team up and combine our skill sets to get as many perspectives as possible on every problem.

We do that because we believe that you need to see a problem from every angle to solve it.

Iot is a game changer

We are here because we believe that IoT has tremendous potential. With it, you can connect the digital world with the physical like never before.

Every day we try to harness that potential to create solutions that really matter. By achieving that we believe that we positively impact the world around us and create novel businesses in the process.

From Idea to Reality


We identify problems around us and use our collective creativity to come up with new and exciting ideas to solve each problem.


To bulletproof our ideas, we conduct user research, evaluate technologies, pick the brains of experts, and closely look at the market.


After validating our idea we quickly build prototypes, which we put in front of real users. Getting user feedback from day one is invaluable for whatever we work on.


Only the most promising of our prototypes may live. If our users love it and we see a big opportunity, we turn our prototype into a new startup and let it live.

How we wrestle problems

UX Research
UX Design
IoT Engineering
Data Science
Business Development

Want to know more?

We take pride in being open to new ideas and suggestions. If you want to work in WATTx or partner with us, click on the link below. If you want to get in touch with us, send us an email.

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