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We are a team of 25+ hardware and software engineers, data scientists, user experience researchers and designers, venture developers, and strategists from all over the world. We believe that successful ventures start and end with the right people working together.

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Our Values

We share a sense of purpose

We want to get up in the morning and go to work with the feeling that we are doing something that gives us purpose, challenges us, and is fun.

We are one team

We are one team and we solve problems together. We don’t point fingers. We help each other out, think of a solution, and get any obstacle out of our way.

We seek and provide help

If we get stuck on a task, we ask others for help after we’ve tried to solve the problem ourselves. Everyone asked for help should do so, unless there are other priorities standing in the way. In that case, we ask for patience.

We communicate proactively

If we have people dependent on our work, we will try our very best to meet the expectations we committed ourselves to. If we see that we won’t make it, we ask others to help us find a solution. If we are in danger of missing a deadline, we communicate this proactively to the team, always ahead of time.

We support ideas

We support others with their ideas! If it’s small things, we just take the initiative. If it’s a bigger undertaking or we think the cost/benefit ratio is not reasonable, we raise the topic with the colleague that ideated the project - but always provide constructive feedback to improve any given idea. This also applies to our own projects.

We treat our office as a safe place

Our office is a safe place. Each and everyone of us has to be able to speak freely about what is on their mind. We also do not judge our team members. Each and every day, it is our responsibility to make our ideas and our content better and help our team members to grow both professionally and personally.

We challenge content, not people

We take pride in very open communication and discussion, which are always focused on content and ideas. We give constructive feedback, we critique - but not the individual, solely the ideas. In return, we do not take feedback personally, but are focused on achieving the best possible outcome.

We embrace the adventure

Last but not least, our ride will be a wild one. Naturally, there will be ups and downs, but we take these swings in stride and won’t allow them to discourage us. We know that ambiguity is part of the game, and we embrace WATTx in its entirety - an unique adventure.