What consumers think about the smart home



October 11, 2017

Connected devices are entering the market at increasing rates and their consumer base is growing. Next to the more common place smart TV and gaming console, more traditional appliances and furniture are now available in “smart” and connected versions. Locks, lamps, as well as thermostats are being made to leverage data and automatically adapt to the user’s personal preferences.

Overall, smart home devices and appliances promise to simplify consumers’ lives. However, at the same time, these devices generate more entry points into the personal lives of consumers, increasing a user’s vulnerability to security threats. Even in markets with a general public interest in privacy, consumers often neglect properly securing smart home devices.

In June and July of this year, we asked consumers to share their perception of the smart home and their take on smart home security through a survey and aggregated our findings in this consumer report. If you are working in the smart home domain or are interested in consumer behavior around new innovations, our report will bring you a lot of interesting insights!

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