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Working at wattx

Everybody claims to offer work that matters. We deliver on that promise. We drive industry 4.0 revolution, solving big problems that affect a lot of people. We bring our own ideas and work on turning them into reality. We created the environment facilitating innovation-learning intense, open for new experimentations, yet highly collaborative and inclusive. Our projects and culture have been attracting smart, talented experts that truly live and brief our values, and - have fun at work!

Our values

We take ownership and don’t make excuses.
If we see something going wrong or want something to happen we find a solution and take responsibility.
We are team players
We win as a team and we lose as a team. We support each other where we can, regardless of job title or experience.
We are courageous and explore the unknown.
One part of creating something better is stepping out of the comfort zone, trying new things and making mistakes from time to time.
We create impact, not slides.
We work on things that create meaningful value for our customers and their end users.
We remain humble and keep on learning.
We don’t have all the answers yet, so we listen before we talk.

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