The inside of the average factory is very heterogeneous; machines as well as sensors stem from various suppliers, were manufactured at varying times, and run on different versions of software. As a result, production managers and employees often struggle to gain a transparent understanding of ongoing production processes. This is where Antreeb steps in. By connecting factory machinery, regardless of the producer, year of manufacture, or software, Antreeb provides a real-time overview of the factory’s operations - from anywhere, at any time.

We are now looking for a talented operational co-founder and CEO for our venture Antreeb who has experience in the manufacturing industry. With further previous experience in user-centered product design and company building, you, together with a great CTO and co-founder, will be incorporating and founding Antreeb. A team of 8 professionals in the fields of Product, Data Science, Back-end as well as Front-end development, UX and Design will be supporting you in the process. As of now, Antreeb has been successfully running a pilot project for two years at one of the Berlin-based Mittelstand manufacturers. Our product is fully production-ready, but what makes us especially stand out is us constantly aiming higher, non-stop working on adding more value-adding features as required by our target customers. Be part of this journey and help us bring Antreeb to the next level!

  • Building a committed team and team culture
  • Identifying and negotiating with potential partners for pilot projects
  • Creating a marketing and sales strategy
  • Design the financial model, as well as the pricing and fundraising strategy
  • Defining and executing a dynamic market entry strategy for a novel product
  • 2-3 years of sales and marketing experience
  • 3-5 years of relevant working experience in the manufacturing industry, focused on production, supply chains, sales, marketing, innovation, or venture building
  • Knowledge of the inner workings of factories and production processes
  • The ability to communicate transparently and effectively with your team and co-founder as well as with key stakeholders, such as clients and investors - fluency in English and German is a must
  • A structured approach to work that helps your team reach its targets
  • An execution-oriented and team-player mindset with strong leadership experience
  • Entrepreneurial experience is highly appreciated, executive experience is a plus
  • Continuous support from the existing operational team until your own team is built and onboarded (UX, UI, Dev, and product)
  • Competitive compensation package with a significant equity share
  • Generous launch capital to build an early product
  • Network of partners to help you build your company in each stage
  • The necessary infrastructure

About WATTx

WATTx is a new kind of company builder. What sets us apart? Our focus on creating deep technologies in the world of the industrial and consumer IoT; hardware and software prototyping; and our rigorous process for moving informed research into validated ideas, and taking concepts from prototype, to pilot, to company formation in only a few months. This way, we ensure that only the most robust ideas become successful ventures. As we mature, we continue to cross-leverage our knowledge and technologies in our portfolio for future prototyping.