CTO and Co-founder

CTO and Co-founder at Statice

Companies collect data in an ongoing manner in order to derive new information about customers, business opportunities and to fuel new product solutions. With stricter data regulations such as the GDPR looming in the near future, data privacy has become an entirely new asset for companies.

Statice helps companies to leverage existing and new private customer data in a privacy-preserving manner. To achieve this we create synthetic data. Synthetic data makes it impossible for external parties to retrieve sensitive personal information as no original data is included in the synthetic dataset while all relevant statistical properties like domain bounds and correlations are kept. This synthetic data can be shared with external data owners and data experts without any privacy concerns. This helps to unlock the hidden value of personal data while staying entirely GDPR compliant.


  • Start off with our prototype and take it to the next level.
  • Hire a strong team to support your mission.
  • Incorporate the latest findings from differential privacy research into a working system.
  • Build APIs and different integrations to utilize clients data.


  • Experience developing complex data-heavy applications.
  • At least 3 years experience of backend development or data engineering.
  • Experience in building APIs, integrating with BI and data-processing systems.
  • Experience with working in agile teams.
  • Understanding of how to lead an engineering team and product development.
  • Knowledge of Go and/or Python.
  • A solid understanding of data analysis / data science.
  • Bonus: Experience with data privacy and/or anonymization.


  • A competitive compensation package with a significant equity share.
  • Launch capital to build an early product.
  • Onboarding to the ongoing prototype development and make sure that all knowledge is passed on to you and your early team.
  • A network of partners to help you build your company in each stage.
  • The necessary infrastructure.
  • Access to a bunch of pre-negotiated deals and expert partners to get your day-to-day operations off the ground quickly and safely.

About WATTx

WATTx is a new kind of company builder. What sets us apart? Our focus on creating deep technologies in the world of the industrial and consumer IoT; hardware and software prototyping; and our rigorous process for moving informed research into validated ideas, and taking concepts from prototype, to pilot, to company formation in only a few months. This way, we ensure that only the most robust ideas become successful ventures. As we mature, we continue to cross-leverage our knowledge and technologies in our portfolio for future prototyping.