Deevio is deep learning applied to manufacturing industries. Any company in the world that has a production line and relies upon specialized workers to carry out visual or final inspections is our potential customer. Our tech assists the hundreds of thousands of people in the world whose job it is to look eight hours a day at all sorts of different products checking for manufacturing defects. What we are doing has never been done before. Join our team and help changing the world!


We are looking for an experienced front end engineer who has a special affinity with creating exceptional Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and is not afraid to get their hands dirty on a factory floor. Your job is to work closely with our UX team and our customers to transform their requirements, personas and stories into GUI’s that shine for their effectiveness, minimalism and ease of use. You will work directly with clients to validate said GUI’s and deploy them in their plants. Your collaborative spirit and business acumen should match your technical skills.


  • Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related quantitative field. MS preferred.
  • You are proficient in HTML & CSS, JavaScript (React / Redux, Angular or similar) and building on REST APIs.
  • You have profound knowledge in handling and visualizing all sort of different image formats using D3.js or similar
  • You have good knowledge of image processing.
  • You know how to solve cross-browser compatibility and client-side performance issues.
  • You have a good understanding of data structures.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills for coordinating across teams. Fluent in English. Fluency is strong plus
  • A drive to learn and master new technologies and techniques.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.


You have the opportunity to join us as one of the first employees in the early-stage startup that will bring artificial intelligence to the factory floor. At deevio, you will apply your knowledge on unique real-life complex problems from industrial companies all over the world and you will have a tremendous impact on how deevio products are utilized in the field.


  • Shape the company by working directly with the founders.
  • Work on the newest tech in deep learning and challenging use cases.
  • Opportunity to solve real problems that have significant economic impact.
  • Continuous improvement: learn every day something new from our team of experts.
  • Personal networking: be introduced and work with the world’s largest corporations.
  • Flexibility in work environment (moving desks, home office).
  • Generous compensation package.


We are one team, not a bunch of techies working together. Building the right team spirit for us is mission critical. We get up in the morning and go to work with the feeling that we are doing something that gives us purpose, challenges us, and is fun; something that has an impact on thousands of people around the world. Our team combines deep industry expertise in the field of machine vision with innovative, cutting edge company-building skills. We are driven by the problem we want to solve and are highly motivated to turn deevio into a big success story. We value transparency, honesty and open-mindness and are looking forward to your contribution to our culture. You will also get to know our 30+ friends from WATTx, the deep tech company builder deevio originates from.

About WATTx

WATTx is a new kind of company builder. What sets us apart? Our focus on creating deep technologies in the world of the industrial and consumer IoT; hardware and software prototyping; and our rigorous process for moving informed research into validated ideas, and taking concepts from prototype, to pilot, to company formation in only a few months. This way, we ensure that only the most robust ideas become successful ventures. As we mature, we continue to cross-leverage our knowledge and technologies in our portfolio for future prototyping.