hasty - AI-assisted image annotation

Location: Berlin
Founded: 2019
Founders: Tristan Rouillard, Alexander Wennman, Kostya Proskudin

Hasty is an image annotation tool that uses AI to speed up the process of annotation. This allows you to go from weeks of annotation to days or even hours - minimizing the bottleneck and pain of annotation while giving you more time to focus on building meaningful applications.

Annotating data is an expensive hassle that nonetheless is the backbone of almost all applications of AI today. We are trying to take away some of that pain by assisting and automating to as high a degree as possible the process of labelling images, using machine learning. By doing so, we hope to open up the field of vision-based AI for new applications and for organizations that previously couldn’t use AI-powered technology as it was too expensive for them or because they lacked the technical know-how needed to develop an AI-solution from scratch.

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