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Location: Berlin

Ophi is a conversational assistant for team projects and personal productivity. Ophi works where you work, and helps you with time management by handling repetitive tasks like scheduling meetings. Ophi also offers personal task management, calendars and reminders as well as various team features. With Ophi, start developing a morning routine to better plan, prioritise and focus on what really matters. Achieve deep work by using time-blockers and never lose track of your tasks again.

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About WATTx

WATTx is a new kind of company builder. What sets us apart? Our focus on creating deep technologies in the world of the industrial and consumer IoT; hardware and software prototyping; and our rigorous process for moving informed research into validated ideas, and taking concepts from prototype, to pilot, to company formation in only a few months. This way, we ensure that only the most robust ideas become successful ventures. As we mature, we continue to cross-leverage our knowledge and technologies in our portfolio for future prototyping.