60% of downtimes occur during set-up and changeover processes, as they are usually not standardized and the necessary knowledge is tied to individual employees. If these specialists are temporarily or even permanently absent, the knowledge must be rebuilt with difficulty.

Predicpro solves exactly this problem by making the setup process transparent and offering the possibility of long-term improvement.
May 2019
Deep dive into shop floor management operations and problems to understand the processes and holdups.
August 2019
Major pain point discovered. Downtime due to failures resulting from changeovers not being standardised. MVP launched that guides workers through changeovers. And aggregates best-practice.
February 2020
Predicpro 1.0 launched: Worker App, OEE optimizer and Kanban-Dashboard, never forget any shop floor operation again with automated reminders!


Franziska Fieke
Originally from the marketing side of life, Franziska worked as a frontend engineer at wattx before stepping into the role of CTO at PredicPro.
Robert Halfmann
Business, Family, Friends, Cooking and Sports - that's what Robert is interested in. Further he strongly believes in the future, which especially helps when you're a fan of HSV.