Antreeb – bringing transparency to the factory floor

Antreeb connects your factory machinery, regardless of supplier, production year, or software, to provide you with a real-time overview of your factory’s operations - from anywhere.

The challenge

Through several projects in the space as well as our work with different industrial partners and clients, we were able to build up strong domain knowledge in that space. And although we’ve noticed a few challenges along the way, one stood out especially.


Through an extensive set of interviews and visits at factory floors, we’ve understood that although factories are a complex structure of varying processes and procedures, they often tend to have a common problem:

The inside of the average factory is very heterogeneous. This means, that machines and sensors stem from various suppliers, were manufactured at varying times, and run on different versions of software. The result is an often intransparent production.

And this is the point we decided to take action in.

Our Solution

Our solution was a step-by-step approach and came with low-entry, one time costs and immediate usage.

By collecting data from PLCs, signal tower lights, and various sensors, we provided first shop floor insights in real-time as well as more long-term, standardised reports on production metrics such as the availability and utilisation of machines, and the MTTR, and MTBF.

In a next step, from the collected data, we identified production hot spots that required further digging, and subsequently pinpointed necessary data sources that helped solving the individual factory’s pains.

Finally, we were able to create a tailor-made solution...

The  outcome

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… Which was installed at a German factory, monitoring six machines. During our collaboration, we continuously gathered and implemented the feedback from our client and improved as well as expanded the feature set of our solution.

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