Clasen Bio Digital

Launching an e-commerce startup inside a food production company with a long tradition of selling nuts, dried fruits, and seeds

The challenge

Developing and executing an e-commerce strategy for a food production company that, in 3-5 years, will account for 50% of overall sales.  

Clasen Bio is a traditional food production company that sells the great majority of its products to local retail stores.

They approached us as company building experts because they understood the need in embracing e-commerce as a completely new business, with new structures, new processes as well as new team members.

Our Solution

wattx developed a plan of action and executed the strategy in close collaboration with the team at Clasen Bio, including the recruitment of a Head of E-Commerce to start building up the startup’s own team.

Within a few weeks, wattx was able to develop a thorough e-commerce strategy for Clasen Bio, focusing on quick learnings and frequent iterations. By starting to test our hypotheses early on, we doubled down on what worked and improved what wasn’t perceived well by users. 

We developed paid social campaigns, improved the Amazon listings and ads, introduced a newsletter, and improved the user journey for the shopping experience. 

We also kicked off the recruiting process to start building up the initial team of Clasen Bio by starting with the Head of E-Commerce, and we are continuing to hire more people throughout the year 2021.

The  outcome

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From the beginning, Clasen Bio, with our support, was able to gain learnings and generate revenue at the same time. Through our actions, we have increased online revenues multiple times, month over month. Moving forward, we are continuously developing the online shop as well as conversions, and are recruiting and onboarding more people to the Clasen Bio team.

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