Pumpselector - Conversion funnel optimisation

Improving lead generation through dynamic e-commerce platform and conversion funnel optimisation

The challenge

Improving insights on customer behaviour regarding a complex product.

When we were approached by the SPA team, they already had an elaborate funnel for lead generation in place. Due to the subject matter, industrial pumps, the funnel required a certain complexity in order to reflect the breadth of available options and applications. Unfortunately, conversion of the funnel lagged behind expectations. Based on the data we had, it became apparent that most users either abandoned the funnel rather early on or did not start at all once they saw the funnel.

Our Solution

Customised behaviour experiments and funnel improvements.

The first thing we had to understand was why users were abandoning the funnel in droves. The available data consisted of some usage data and click heatmaps which we analyzed and based our initial hypothesis on: the funnel, as it stood, overwhelmed users right after the point of entry. As industrial pumps are a hugely complex topic the funnel needed to cover many different parameters in order to identify the right kind of pump a user might require. The initial funnel presented all the parameters and options in a single page layout, which resulted in a comprehensive but intimidating list of parameters to fill in.

In order to test our hypothesis, we started a series of experiments using third-party tools starting with much shorter funnels that guided users through the most important parameters one by one. The uptick in conversion was quite significant, however the gains came at the cost of losing a lot of detail in the inquiries that reached us. Therefore, we continuously calibrated the balance between the level of detail (= number of questions) and ease of completion.

Once we have established a consistent increase in conversion while maintaining a satisfying level of detail, it was time to build the conversion funnel from the ground up to add more custom functionalities to it.

The  outcome

In case you want to chat about this project, please reach out to thomas@wattx.io

Based on our experiments we were able to significantly simplify the lead generation funnel and increase conversion. The redesigned funnel offers users more guidance and more flexibility while filling it in, nudging them to fill in the most important details first and allowing them to add more information selectively after. Additionally, the knowledge gained through the experimentation phase is now being used for decision making in other aspects of the business.

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