Launch a new, successful

Higher risk, higher returns: innovate by building a new company with us in your industry.

Build a company with us

Our most complete offering: the alliance between your industrial and domain expertise and our know-how in modern technologies and design driven innovation. We create a start-up that meets a need in your market. Together.

Does your idea match the innovation criteria?

The first thing we do together is trying to kill your idea. We ask ourselves such questions as: is there a problem to solve? Is there a market for it? Can we technically do it?

Prototype and identify features for a Minimum Viable Product

Once we know there is a problem to solve, we quickly prototype your idea to get user feedback as early as possible. This way, we define the outlines of a first MVP.

Build and Launch

Our tech team works closely with our designers to launch your new product onto the market. Our Venture developers make sure your new venture is legally and economically set up for success.

Your expertise, your choice, your new profitable business

There is a reason we've been awarded best company builder in Germany for three years in a row. We know what we do and why we do it. What we cannot do is work alone to launch successful business. We know that new profitable business comes from a strong expertise and that only you can bring it. We specialise in helping you to make the most out of this expertise with the latest technologies and innovation techniques.


Together, we scope out the problem we are looking to address in the workshop.
We use our framework to interview 3-5 stakeholders to identify the pain- points regarding the intended topic according the them
We prepare and conduct the ideation session with 5-8 members of your team and members of our user- experience, venture development and tech teams
Build and launch
Our tech team builds a first Minimum Viable Product. Once we’re ready, we launch the company and accelerate it internally.
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