Do you have an idea or a problem to explore?

Work with us to get a proof of concept for your idea and understand how to push it forward in the right direction.

Proof of concept

An innovative idea is one which solves a problem. To make sure we solve real problems in the real world, we try to get proof of concepts as early as possible in our innovation process. This is a highly important step for our clients as it allows them to reduce the risk of starting a project that would consume lots of resources for nothing. We offer our services to validate problems, ideas, and save you both time and cost.

Is there an actual problem to solve?

Our UX team carries out a cycle of user research, including interviews of various stakeholders and observation in situ. They validate a problem and quickly prototype your concept to get early user feedback.

Is there a big enough market?

Our Venture Developers do their own research, making sure that the market has enough potential to push your idea forward.

How feasible is it?

Our tech team also carries out some research: based on your idea, they build a quick technical architecture and evaluate the resources needed to achieve the project and build a first MVP.

We will work closely hand-in-hand to understand the potential of your idea

Getting a proof of concept in your industry is something we have to do together. You have the expertise, we have the rapid innovation force. By collaborating during this journey, we can get quick results that will reduce the risk of your innovation challenge. Our process is designed accordingly.


Together, we scope out the problem we are looking to adress
We do research in order to define a clear problematic, based on user and customer pain points
We prepare and conduct an ideation session with the right mix of people and skills
Prototype and test
We quickly prototype the most promising ideas in order to get user feedback. Thus, we know what to build for a first MVP.
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