Kimbie - Idea management tool

If you are like us you put down your ideas on slides, on little sticky notes, and in different folders located somewhere in your intranet. But most of these ideas will get lost and will never become reality. Your slides are mysteriously deleted, your sticky notes get’s cleaned away, and your intranet eats ideas for breakfast. With kimbie you are able to manage and keep track of your ideas from the start all the way to finished product.

You manage your other resources. Now it is time to manage your ideas.

  • The problem
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    The problem

    Having really good ideas is hard. So when you or your co-workers have one, you have to take care of it. But in many cases, that will never happen. Maybe your team has too much to do this month to follow up on that great idea you had, but you promise yourselves that you’ll start next month. When next month rolls around, the idea has been forgotten. Or maybe, you just don’t know where to start. In WATTx, we felt like a lot of our best ideas never got the attention they deserved, and that’s why we created Kimbie.

  • Our solution
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    Our Solution

    Kimbie is a process-focused idea management tool that helps you take your ideas from a drawing on a post-it and turn it into a new product. It also gives you an overview of all ideas that your company is currently working on while also providing related information and progression tracking.

  • What we did
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    What we did

    We built an easy-to-use idea management tool with:

    • A 5-stages ideation progress that shows the progress from idea to product
    • Team based rating and commenting feature to find the ideas that are most aligned to company goals
    • A time tracking feature to keep track of the time project teams spend with their idea
    • External integrations like slack notification
  • Next steps
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    Next steps

    Evaluating market interest and turning our internal tool into a service that helps you manage your ideas.

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About WATTx

As a new kind of company builder, WATTx is the launchpad for new ambitious ideas. Two things set us apart: our focus on deep technology within industrial and consumer IoT, as well as our rigorous process moving an idea from its inception to a functional prototype. This way we ensure that we place the most exciting and promising ideas - our spaceships - on our launchpad. And for this specific mission we need you.