Snuk – Intelligent Building Infrastructure

Today, smart building IoT is a hassle. There are a lot of different engineering disciplines that need to come together to make a successful application. What’s more, a lot of IoT companies are reinventing the wheel: solving the same engineering problems other people have solved before them. Snuk is an infrastructure platform that will eliminate this waste, and will lower the threshold for companies that want to get started with an IoT application.

  • The problem
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    The problem

    Want to build a cool IoT application? Well, get ready for some fun sourcing chips from China, wrestling your way through Linux kernel code and playing subnet mask sudoku before you can even start on your idea. And oh yes, be ready to jump into your Batmobile every time a customer accidentally poured coffee over a device.

    Want to install a couple of cool IoT applications in your building? Have fun ripping open the ceilings and walls and be prepared to get plaster dust in your latte macchiato for a month whenever you’re getting a new IoT service in.

  • Our solution
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    Our Solution

    Snuk provides a complete infrastructure platform that IoT application developers can build on. Monitoring, logging, device management, software deployment and on-site maintenance: it’s all included.

    If you’re an IoT developer, we’re your one-stop-shop for IoT infrastructure. All you have to worry about is developing your own cool idea, using our platform. We’ll take care of all the bits of the IoT stack that are not specific to your application. And as a bonus, we’ll go and fix any broken devices at the customer. You can stay in your comfy office working on the next big feature (or playing CS, we won’t judge).

    If you run a building, install Snuk once, and you’ll be able to pick any application that runs on our platform, cancel or switch application, all without touching your infrastructure again. And you can enjoy your lattes plaster-free.

    With our Infrastructure in place, you are ready to employ software solutions - from monitoring and improving energy use to making work environments more comfortable to tracking your assets.

  • Next steps
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    Next Steps

    We’re going to scale this company beyond all recognition!

    Snuk is going to be the go-to platform for any smart building application. As our platform matures, we will build a community of developers creating applications on Snuk, and create a kind of app store customers can pick their applications from. A bit like iPhones and the iOS ecosystem, but for smart buildings.

  • We are hiring
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    We are hiring

    We’re currently building up our core team of engineers to develop this challenging product together.

    (Senior) Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Engineer, Embedded Systems Engineer and Electrical Engineer are all more than welcome.

    Want to join a development team that crosses the boundary from hardware to software twice before having lunch?

    Apply through our website or AngelList.

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