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Why we need you

Here at WATTx, we are continuously thinking of new and interesting ways to implement IoT-technology into everyday life. Some of the ideas we come up with are great. Some are unrealistic. Some others are plain crazy. For us, there is only one way to assess - by talking to the people who will end up using our creations. That’s why we need your expertise!

How it works

We start every project with interviewing potential users. During interviews we try to get a better understanding of users’ needs, daily or work-related habits and respective pain points. The interviews then inform the design of our prototypes (which are models of the product we want to build). Once a prototype is finished, we bring you - the user - in again, in order to gain your feedback and to continually improve our work.

Sessions can happen at our office in Berlin, in your home or business, or online through your computer or mobile device.


Depending on the project, you will be able to get a sneak peak into startup life and cutting edge technologies, satisfy your curiousity on substantial topics, or receive a token of our appreciation for your cooperation in form of Amazon vouchers.

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