Introducing Ophi



May 18, 2017

Update: this project was killed after half a year of conceptualising, designing and prototyping. It came to an end because of the discrepancy between the initial vision and the complexity of developing such a technical solution as well as the technical limitations of existing technology at the time.

Have you ever had the feeling that you could better plan, prioritise and structure your workday to achieve your goals? Have you ever thought you were spending too much time handling the back and forth of meeting scheduling and dealing with administrative tasks?

If you do, we have a lot in common. Administrative tasks, such as meeting scheduling consume our time. Poor time management, such as insufficient planning, ineffective delegation or unclear expectations, can lead to a degradation of performance and a lot of stress.

These days, getting overwhelmed at work can be quite easy for anyone.

Time management is in fact not just a personal challenge, it has become an organisational issue.

This is particularly true for managers. Like everyone else, they have 24 hours a day but their time is often seen as unlimited. No wonder then why only 9% of them deem themselves very satisfied with their time allocation. No surprise that only half of them say their time matches their organisation’s strategic priorities. Time management is, in fact, not just a personal challenge, it has become an organisational issue.

That’s why we created Ophi: a chatbot that takes a long hard look at your workday, and helps you with time management so you can better plan, prioritise, and focus on the important work.

How does it work?

Proactively develop a morning routine

Ophi proactively deals with your tasks and your schedule to optimise your agenda and the allocation of your time.

Work better as a team

Any difficulty meeting deadlines? Let Ophi plan the week for your project team and communicate the right information to the right team member at the right time.

Don’t waste time scheduling meetings anymore

Put an end to the infinite loop of back and forth of emails. Ophi synchronises your calendar and helps you with finding the perfect time to have a meeting.

Ophi is not just another chatbot

We designed Ophi to be accessible and flexible.

It works were you work

We think it shouldn’t matter if you’re at work, having a home office day, or waiting at the airport. In fact, work just does not stop once you’re out of the office, and you can use Ophi to deal with your private schedule as well. That’s why we developed Ophi in messaging apps, as they are becoming the hub for everyday interactions with people, business and services.

In fact, more and more companies use office chat platforms like Slack, Google Hangout or Microsoft Teams.

It adapts to your individual work style

Most of the bots in the market today are purely informational. They will parse a request from a user and send a response accordingly.

But Ophi is a bit different.

Ophi uses machine learning and natural language processing technologies to create a full experience that doesn’t feel unnatural or intrusive.

This makes it one of the few chatbots out there with intelligence and learning capabilities. Are you usually more efficient in the morning? Ophi learns your energy peaks and lows and will know how to organise your schedule accordingly, depending on the nature of work that needs to be done.

Ophi has the ambition to democratise the personal assistant

Is Ophi for you?

Are you often overwhelmed at work? If you feel you could use some help to better plan and prioritise and save a lot of frustration at the end of the day, then it might be worth giving it a shot.

Are you a team or project manager that could use the help of a team assistant to meet objectives and deadlines?

Then Ophi might be a right fit for you.

So, why don’t you give it a try?

In the past, having a personal assistant often meant that you were a member of the professional elite or a c-level executive.

Ophi has the ambition to democratise the personal assistant and give each and everyone of you, the stressed worker or the manager, a chat companion that suits your needs and adapts to your individual work style.

Personal time management is a management process like any other. It must be planned, monitored and regularly reviewed. But why should you do it all by yourself?

Don’t let planning and organising consume your day anymore, get your own assistant.

Meet Ophi, your new virtual assistant.