Turning ideas into businesses

wattx is a new kind of company builder. We have expertise in the logistics, manufacturing, and industrial IoT space. Currently focused on construction tech.

What we do

We go from idea generation to building a fully-fledged venture in 3 to 6 months, and we do it all under one roof. This ensures excellence in execution as well as the cohesiveness of the end solution.

Our team is specialized in solving complex innovation challenges in the industrial space and provides expertise in all areas necessary to succeed in building the technology and the ventures of tomorrow.

What we offer

Spark your

With innovation workshops

We use our workshops to test and vet your idea and to share our know-how in user-centered techniques and the construction of modern business models. We walk you through the tools we use while keeping you from common pitfalls, giving you practical actionable insights on your ideas.

Result: A clearly outlined idea designed around your intended customer’s needs and a guideline on what the next steps should look like.


Develop an MVP

Build and test a proof of concept

We build a prototype or innovative service with our advanced tech team in your business sector and conduct user research with our specialists. Those will test the technical feasibility and desirability of the solution and define what the core offering should look like.

Result: A product that your customers will actually want to use.


Launch a successful company

Our most complete offering

We enter an alliance between your industrial as well as domain expertise and our know-how in modern technologies and design driven innovation. We create a start-up that meets a need in your market. Together.

Result: A fully-fledge, self-sustaining, technically advanced company.

Free whitepapers on corporate innovation

wattx ecosystem

wattx is meant to create living structures along the way, spin-off projects that become independent although part of the family. This is the case of our Podcast together with Capital Magazine 'Alles Neu', and the shared office space we are located at – Maschinenraum. Check them out!


wattx helped us extract data out of our machines without any prior knowledge in lightning speed. We now use this tool with one of our customers to access their production data and gain useful insights.

We approached wattx with a vague idea on how to monitor our production plant, and they helped us develop a prototype, which collected the data about the machine status and sent it to the cloud. This way we made sure that the real-time data about the machine status was provided to the factory, and a database for long-term analytics for the decision-makers. The solution was not only easy to use, but could also be installed very quickly and rolled out in the whole factory.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with wattx team. The team is approachable, always available and they understand the demands of delivering products tailored to farmers, working around our needs and requirements. They were able to pinpoint the value-adding features early on and combine them with features that were easy-to-implement. The outcome: a successful proof of concept.

Who we are

Four different disciplines

Our team features a large variety of skills and personalities to ensure a constant cross-pollination of ideas and solutions. People within wattx are experts in their domain and continuously strive for growing that expertise further. Not only can we consult your company on how to innovate, we are also able to do so with and for you. Our secret recipe? Multidisciplinary teams. Always.

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