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Location: Berlin

Statice will be the the go-to-platform for companies to unlock the full potential of their data with data science - all in a privacy-preserving manner. Statice provides cutting-edge privacy technologies, allowing companies to open their data to external parties such as partners and external talent to get more out of your data, collaborate with third parties, and build new business cases without ever exposing sensitive information about their customers.

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WATTx is looking for a CEO in a venture company. The new startup you'll build will use cutting edge technologies to unlock the value of siloed data. Think of the masses of data being collected about individuals on a daily basis. How can we enable innovative, data-driven solutions while ensuring...

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About WATTx

WATTx is a new kind of company builder. What sets us apart? Our focus on creating deep technologies in the world of the industrial and consumer IoT; hardware and software prototyping; and our rigorous process for moving informed research into validated ideas, and taking concepts from prototype, to pilot, to company formation in only a few months. This way, we ensure that only the most robust ideas become successful ventures. As we mature, we continue to cross-leverage our knowledge and technologies in our portfolio for future prototyping.