Take charge of your next innovation

Come up with the problem statement, ideate, and test out possible solutions.

Our workshops

For wattx, innovation starts with listening, then finding pressing problems and solving them. We spent the last two years honing our innovation process and drew inspiration from that to build a workshop that helps you design a solution that solves a real problem. In the workshop we answer the question: “How can we ensure that we build is something our clients actually want before we build it?”

Idea evaluation criteria

Is it desirable?

Work with our UX team to come up with a product or service that people want to use.

Is it viable?

Then develop a business model that turns users into customers.

Is it feasible?

And finally, go through the technical feasibility with our tech team.

We will define the resources needed and next steps required to ignite your project

We start the process by interviewing a handful of your intended customers and key stakeholders in order to identify pain-points. Then, we design the content and schedule of the workshop around those findings. This ensures that the workshop is tailored to your needs and that you will get the maximum out of the time spent.


Together, we scope out the problem we are looking to address in the workshop.
We use our framework to interview 3-5 stakeholders to identify the pain- points regarding the intended topic according the them
We prepare and conduct the ideation session with 5-8 members of your team and members of our user- experience, venture development and tech teams
We will pitch the concept you developed with the guidance of our team back to you
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