Introducing the 6 startups from our Start-up trifft Mittelstand event

On June 29th, wattx, in corporation with the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) will host a get-together where 6 local startups will meet the hidden champions of German industry. Concentrating on Industry 4.0 applications, this event will facilitate beneficial partnerships and create relationships between the thriving startup scene here in Berlin, and industrial market leaders from all over Germany.

If you are interested in more information on the event itself, or if you want to attend, follow this link IHK’s website.

Without further ado, let us start with introducing the startups that will be attending:


VIRTENIO, a Berlin-based startup, has developed their own modular system consisting of multi-sensors, radio-gateways and an analytics platform. Their solution can help your company setup and maintain cutting edge IoT use cases, such as realtime end-to-end monitoring of global logistics and multimodal supply chains. VIRTENIO also supports your company with decision making, by uncovering potential problems early on in your business.

Having started by developing radio modules at Technische Universität (TU) Berlin’s incubator in 2010, they have spent years expanding, testing and fine-tuning their solutions. Today, they offer long-lasting hardware with modular connectivity as well as worldwide coverage through conventional networks and satellite communications. This is important as it allows sensors to share their data even from a remote area or out on sea.

During the event, VIRTENIO will bring some of their monitoring-starter-kits and will demonstrate their complete solution.

They are currently looking for forward-thinking companies that they can work and partner with to figure out how to collect and use real-time data in a meaningful and impactful manner.

Industrial Analytics

Industrial Analytics offers a platform-agnostic machine monitoring solution for turbomachinery (also known as heavy rotating machinery). Having extensive experience in the field, Industrial Analytics are confident in their ability to reduce their clients’ monitoring expenditure, maintenance cost and unplanned downtime while simultaneously improving performance. Compared to competitors, their product produces fewer false alarms making use of acoustic and vibration sensors, as well as advanced physical models. The analytics can be integrated in any IoT platform.

The idea for the startup came from the founders’ previous work place, a manufacturer of turbomachinery. Working in R&D and Sales, they often had requests from clients that wanted a reliable monitoring system. However, developing such a product was not something their employer prioritised at the time. Seeing this gap in the market, they decided to leave the company and create their own startup in 2017.

During the event, they will present their team and give an introduction into the workings of their machine monitoring product.

They are currently looking for companies to partner with, especially in the fields of plant engineering, construction, or companies in the process industry. More generally, they are interested in working with partners that already make use of rotating machines and are interested in taking the next step in their journey towards digitization.


Micropsi are working on making on-site machine learning for industrial robotics a reality. With their AI-powered robot controller, you can now train robot systems like you would a new employee, allowing you to teach industrial robots instead of programming them.

Founded in 2014 by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, software engineers, and scientists, their team now consists of 15 people that are working hard on allowing industrial robots to help in situations where it was previously very tough or even impossible for them to operate.

During the event, the team will present their product and company, and might even go a bit more in-depth into the future of industrial robots.

They are currently looking for potential partners and clients that are interested in using their technology in production environments, as well as other startups in the same sector that they could have an exchange with.

Gestalt Robotics

Gestalt Robotics is a Berlin-based robotics startup focused on the development of perception-based robotics software and solutions. They offer customized industrial software solutions with a focus on image processing and advanced robotics control.

In 2016 the founders saw the opportunity of combining their expertise in different fields relevant for developing intelligent robotics and started the company. Gestalt Robotics has already realized contracted development projects in the fields of industrial and service robotics.

During the event, they will present deep learning-based image processing for industrial use cases, and talk about implementation of such use cases.

They are currently looking for small and midsize producing companies that would be interested in applying flexible automation solutions and state of the art software technologies in their production environment.


Meshicon develops mixed reality solutions for engineering and manufacturing. Through their use and expertise of the Microsoft HoloLens, they are working on developing usable industrial IoT interfaces that support Industry 4.0 initiatives. This young Berlin startup has already worked with companies like the leading German tablet machine manufacturer Korsch, as well as other reputable clients.

The founders have been involved in the mixed reality community since its beginning. Having started by hosting events and meetups in Berlin and Silicon Valley, they founded their company in 2017 after a request from a leading engineering company to produce a Microsoft HoloLens application, coupled with a general steady increase in demand for mixed reality solutions from industrial companies.

During the event, they will present how the latest generation of smart glasses can improve the workflow for the Mittelstand of Industry 4.0 referring to the mixed reality use cases like remote assistance, remote control of machines, and virtual worker training.

They are currently looking to get in touch with new clients and partners that have a vision for the future and want to invest in new ways to operate their machines. Meshicon believes that their solution should be of interest for almost any producing company, as it allows them to reap the benefits of lower costs and higher accuracy.


Deevio makes quality control accessible for everyone. By using deep learning to solve the most complex tasks in quality control, process monitoring and sorting, they are building a solution that outperforms traditional machine vision systems and manual visual inspection.

They got started as one of our research projects here at wattx, after a partner hinted that deep learning had the potential to revolutionize machine vision solutions. After having experimented with some different set-ups, the first results were so overwhelming that wattx decided to spin of Deevio in record time.

During the event, they will present the company, the use cases that they have worked on so far, and give an outlook into what is possible with this exciting new technology.

They are currently looking to connect with people from manufacturing industries to get a better understanding of their needs, pain points, and ongoing 4.0 initiatives. They are also actively looking for new partnerships and feedback from industry experts.

Interested in attending?

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